vendredi 30 septembre 2011


Very often, I start the day by making a Log Cabin block, using my left over stripes. It helps me think about what I want or have to do during the day. I also make a block when I have to write an article or a speech, it keeps my hand busy and my mind free to think!
I've been doing blocks for years, so I should be able to make a quilt in a near future!

Très souvent le matin, je commence la journée en faisant un carré en Log Cabin, avec mes restes de bandes. Cela m'aide à penser à ce que je veux ou dois faire dans la journée. Je fais aussi un carré quand je dois rédiger un article ou un discours, cela occupe mes mains et me libère l'esprit!
Je fais des carrés depuis des années, alors je devrais pouvoir réaliser un quilt dans un proche avenir!

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  1. I love making quilt blocks, too. It's my very favorite part of quiltmaking.

  2. Well! You have given me a new way to view the world! I too love making quilt blocks but... never want to commit to a big quilt project! And now i realize - I don't need to!

  3. Hi Mary, great to 'meet' you and your blog via Blogging Your Way!

    These colors are lovely, the quilt is going to be beautiful! I recognize what you write about quilting while writing an article, I have the same with knitting :-)

    Cheers, Machteld

  4. Hello! I love that you often make a block in the mornings. And I love how you showed us the different ways you could put those together!

  5. Hi Elisabeth! More pictures on how to put a Log Cabin Quilt in the following days!

  6. Thank you for this idea. Sometimes is quite difficult for me just starts. It sounds as a kind of "warm up" for the day by doing something instead of just thinking. Easier with hands busy.
    Love your blog and follow by mail
    Thanks for sharing


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