samedi 29 octobre 2011


My blog goes along its small road, and I've written more than 200 posts now. I'm what is called a small blog, because my visitors, for many of them regular, are not that numerous. I do not get a lot of comments, for diverse reasons, one of them being that many people who tell me they read my blog, aren't tech savvy, don't want to open an account somewhere, and most of them don't feel the need, which is totally all right with me. But there is one person who leaves the best meaningful comments, always encouraging and positive, that's Pam. She has a blog of her own, and it's is going to be her big time now, because she specializes in all traditions linked to the seasons. We met through my cookie molds collection, and kept in contact. You can see her blog under the pretty name of Gingerbreadsnowflakes!
Thanks to everyone for visiting, and a special hello to Pam!

Mon blog va son petit bonhomme de chemin, et j'ai écrit à ce jour plus de 200 articles. Je suis ce qu'on appelle un petit blog, car mes visiteurs, pour beaucoup d'entre eux fidèles, ne sont pas si nombreux. Je ne reçois pas beaucoup de commentaires, pour diverses raisons, une étant que les gens qui me disent qu'ils lisent mon blog ne sont pas des as en informatique, ne veulent pas ouvrir un compte, ou pour la plupart n'en ressentent pas le besoin, ce qui me convient tout à fait! Mais il y a une personne qui laisse régulièrement les meilleures commentaires, pleins de sens, toujours positive et encourageante, c'est Pam! Elle a un blog elle-même et cela va être son grand moment maintenant, car elle a un blog consacré aux traditions liées aux saisons. Nous avons fait connaissance à propos de ma collection de moules à biscuits, et nous avons gardé contact depuis. Vous pouvez voir son blog sous le joli nom de Gingerbreadsnowflakes!
Merci à tous de vos visites et un bonjour particulier à Pam!

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  1. Oh Mary, You touched my heart with this lovely post. Thank you so much for your lovely words.

    It is always a great pleasure to read your posts whether it be one of your stunning images of something that inspires your work, or a snap shot of one of your delightful collections, a visit to your studio and creative space, or a fabulous quilt show!

    As a blogger I know just how much time and thought and effort goes into the process of making posts almost every day. I appreciate every post - your gift to all of us.

    Thank YOU!

    And congratulations on reaching another milestone - post 200!

  2. I agree 100% Pam has been a big source of encouragement for me, too!

  3. Congratulations on 200 posts. That is an achievement!
    It is lovely that you have someone like Pam supporting you.
    Here's to the next 200 posts xxx


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