vendredi 30 décembre 2011

Online course

Hey girls! 
How about following an e-course for a change?
Do you want to take time for yourself, re-think your priorities, find energy to create, read incredible interviews, share with other people, brush up your english (if it's not your mother tongue), and most of all do you want to meet a very sweet, energetic and very talented girl? Then why don't you register for the next session of Creative Courage? Stephanie Levy is going to lead you  through the course and you are going to start the new year on the right foot!
See more info here!

3 commentaires

  1. This sounds (and looks) really interesting, have you done the course? are your experiences (I hope I am allowed to ask..?)

  2. Hi JenMuna! I took the course, with absolutely no expectations, just because I like Stephanie's work. The seven weeks were very interesting, and it was a real pleasure to meet Stephanie through her weekly videos. I also enjoyed the interviews with other creative women, but I must admit I was a bit lazy and lacked time to do all the exercises. The contacts with the other participants was precious, and it really felt good. The whole is very professional and Stephanie is doing this very intensively, it's way worth your money!!

  3. thanks Mary this is very helpful, I will read a bit more on her site and maybe I´ll try!


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