lundi 4 juin 2012

Inspiration 75, Pink and Pinterest

The ones who see my blog on a regular basis have noticed that I post a photograph every Monday morning, called "Inspiration". That's loose inspiration for you, for me, just something which catches my eyes, and which makes me want to create. 
I'd like to take the opportunity of choosing this pink picture to tell you about pink. Yes, I like pink! (You'll discover some other childish traits of my character, if you keep following my blog!) 
I'm showing my love of pink by having a whole chapter devoted to this only color on Pinterest. "And what is Pinterest?"  some are asking? Pinterest is like a pinboard, where you pin your favorite pictures, the quotes you likes, the links you follow. But instead of being in one of your room, this board is on the outside wall of our house, for everyone to see! 
So here is my pink board and all others! Have fun!

Ceux qui suivent mon blog de façon régulière ont remarqué que je publie une photo tous les lundis matins, appelée "Inspiration". C'est une inspiration libre pour vous, pour moi, simplement quelque chose qui a attiré mon regard et qui me donne envie de créer. 
J'aimerais choisir la publication de cette photo pour vous parler du rose. Oui, j'aime le rose! (Vous découvrirez d'autres traits enfantins de mon caractère, si vous continuez de suivre mon blog!) 
J'ai choisi de montrer mon intérêt pour le rose en y consacrant un chapitre entier dans Pinterest. "Et Pinterest, c'est quoi?" diront certains. Pinterest est un tableau d'affichage, où vous punaisez toutes les photos que vous aimez, les citations qui vous plaisent ou les sites que vous visitez. Seulement ce tableau n'est pas accroché dans une de vos chambres, mais bien sur le mur extérieur de votre maison, au vu de tous! 
Alors voici mon tableau d'affichage "rose" et tous les autres. Amusez-vous bien!

5 commentaires

  1. Hello!
    I also like pink and flowers are really so inspiring.
    (I've found you via blogging your way)
    Wish you a nice day.

  2. I admire quilting, I tried it but was not good at it maybe that is why I do not follow any quilting blog . But let me tell you, this one is beutiful. Your quilting tres jolie. And I really like your picks for your post and of course beautiful photos.

  3. I was short with beautiful pictures they are more than beautiful, gorgeus
    Val (BWY)

  4. Superbe tableau rose, merci pour ce moment de douceur et de bonne humeur de bon matin!

  5. I don't spent much time on Pinterest. If i did i wouldn't be here reading your beautiful blog! But i have bookmarked this post so i can visit your board because it is simply stunning.


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