jeudi 10 avril 2014

Blue/Orange Quilt, Episode 3

Just finished the back for my quilt. 
Once again, I'm wondering if the background isn't more interesting than the quilt itself! Time to change style? :-)

Juste fini le dos de mon quilt. 
Une fois de plus, je me demande si le dos n'est pas plus intéressant que le quilt lui-même! Serait-il temps de changer de style? :-)

This quilt will be part of the Neuchâtel exhibition, details below.
Ce quilt fera partie de l'exposition de Neuchâtel Patchwork, détails ci-dessous.

Exposition de Patchwork
Carrément patch!

26 avril au 4 mai 2014
Péristyle de l’Hôtel de Ville
2000 Neuchâtel
Lundi à samedi 8h30 à 19h
Dimanche 10h à 17h30

Dimanche 4 mai de 16h à 17h30

Neuchâtel Patchwork

And for those of you, Bloggers, who think that your pictures have been looking awful on Blogger for some time, just like I did, go there and learn how to turn of the automatic enhance button! Great!! Dark blue is dark blue again!

Et pour vous les Bloggers, qui trouvez que vos photos ont l'air horrible sur Blogger depuis quelques temps, comme moi, allez ici et voyez comment désactiver l'amélioration des photos! Génial, bleu marin est de nouveau bleu marin!

6 commentaires

  1. C'est juste magique... j'aime tellement ce que vous faites... j'aime vos couleurs... votre philosophie... A chaque passage sur votre blog c'est une découverte et un besoin, je fais un petit tour chaque jour... Continuez à partagez votre passion... c'est génial... et je me réjouis de passer voir votre exposition. elle est à chaque fois magnifique. Bonne journée Sandra Gorgé

  2. I really love what you have done here - the layout is very interesting and I have to agree with you that this back is worthy of being a front! some great FMQ in the large areas would add textural interest

  3. Coucou Sandra! Un grand merci pour les compliments! Je suis ravie de savoir qui me lit à l'autre bout!

  4. J'aimais bien le premier jet mais là je dis ok, instinctivement la simplicité s'impose !

  5. A wonderful quilt back Mary! Thank you also for the link below re Blogger. I have found this a wonderful help and have written a detailed post after acting upon what I found through the link. I am so grateful!

  6. I love your quilt back and it is for sure worth of standing by itself. But I also love what you have shown of the top so far. It looks very promising to me. I'm a humble quilter myself and felt the same about some of my backs in the past.
    I've been following your blog for over a year now and it is a huge source of inspiration and encouragement to me. Merci for all the sharing you do with us.
    I follow a lot of blogs, mainly US-based ones, but yours is one of my favorite if not my favorite at all, since at every visit I discover something of interest to me. And it's even more great that you live in Switzerland just as I do. I plan to visit the upcoming exposition in Neuchatel (of which again I learnt thanks to you) and can't wait to see your work in real!


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