mardi 18 novembre 2014

Book Review Week /2

La Chine des Minorités, Volume 2

What a wonderful surprise when my dear librarian called me to tell me that the second volume of Dany Herbreteau's "La Chine des Minorités" series on South China ethnic costumes came out! Heavier, thicker, even better than the first one!

Quelle merveilleuse surprise quand ma libraire préférée m'a appelée pour me dire que le second volume, "La Chine des Minorités", de la série de Dany Herbreteau sur les costumes ethniques du Sud de la Chine était sorti! Plus lourd, plus épais, encore meilleur que le premier volume!

"La Chine des Minorités", volume 1

Theses two books can be ordered at: 
Un coup de fil, c'est si facile! Ces deux livres peuvent être commandés chez:

Libraire Une Petite Prose
Rue des Vermondins 16
2017 Boudry
+41 32 841 47 23

2 commentaires

  1. This looks like a treasure of a book! I wonder how much of this amazing embroidery is now done by machine rather than by hand as it was once traditionally.

  2. Hi Karen!
    All the embroideries in the book are made by hand. But as I was in China, I saw, in far out, isolated villages, one family shops with a quite sophisticated computer led multi-embroidery-machine, that imitated hand embroidery. But talking with the women and girls we met, it turned out that rural embroiderers don't have time to embroider anymore, as their husbands are away, working in large cities, trying to bring some money home, and the wife is left alone to care about the land, the animals, the house and the children. As far as the younger women, they were not interested in the least in embroidery. It seems that it will rather disappear all together, sadly.


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