mardi 27 octobre 2015

La Passacaglia, the new Dear Jane?

Kamie Murdock is making a very happy version of the quilt

A new EPP phenomenon is happening, and it's interesting to catch it at the beginning, wondering if it will spread or just die. It makes me think of the Dear Jane adventure, as it's like the Way to Compostelle, one step at a time. I'm talking about the phenomenal success of the book Millefiori Quilts by Willyne Hammerstein, available at Quiltmania. The book has French and English instructions inside. There's one quilt in the book, that's particularly popular, it's the Passacaglia Quilt. Its success has especially increased since quilters have started to use very modern fabrics to make it. I'm thinking about Kamie Murdock or Tula Pink, for example. Since it need thousands of pieces and takes forever to make, they are taking the time to extensively blog about it, or post on Instagram, and it's just fascinating!!
You can even buy paper pieces, ready to be use, as well as plexy templates to cut the fabric here!

Un nouveau phénomène EPP (méthode anglaise) est en train de prendre forme et c'est intéressant de l'observer à ses débuts, en se demandant si cela va se propager ou s'il va disparaître. Cela me fait penser à l'aventure Dear Jane, puisque, comme le Chemin de Compostelle, c'est un pas après l'autre, pour rejoindre un but difficile à atteindre. Je parle du succès phénoménal du livre Millefiori Quilts, de Willyne Hammerstein, disponible chez Quiltmania. Le livre a des instructions en français et ne anglais. Il y a un quilt dans le livre, qui est particulièrement populaire, c'est le quilt La Passacaglia. Son succès a particuliprement augmenté quand des quilters ont commencé à le réaliser avec des tissus modernes. Je pense à Kamie, Murdock, ou Tula Pink, par exemple. Comme cela nécessite des milliers de pièces et que ça prend une éternité à réaliser, elles ont le temps d'écrire le processus en détail sur leur blog ou sur Instagram, et c'est tout simplement fascinant!

Tulla Pink with her La Passacaglia project in the background as seen on  Elisabeth Maxson's site

Sharon Burgess is almost there!

If you feel like starting one, just read that, and make sure you understand how much energy you'll need to invest!

Si vous vous sentez attiré par ce projet, ne manquez pas de lire cet article, afin de bien saisir la quantité d'énergie qu'il faudra investir!

Cathy from Eagles Wings, Canada writes a report every week

Izy Denham's quilt

I think one of the reasons of the success of that quilt is that it uses mostly pentagons, giving the allover design a more spiky, lively look, than if it was made of mostly hexagons. You can even buy paper pieces, ready to be use, as well as plexy templates to cut the fabric here!
Je pense qu'une des raisons du succès de ce quilt vient du fait qu'il utilise en majorité des pentagones, donnant au dessin général un air plus pointu, plus vivant que si il était réalisé avec une majorité d'hexagones  Vous pouvez également acheter des papiers prêts à l'emploi, ainsi que des gabarits en plexiglas ici!

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  1. Interesting to read you thoughts here Mary, although you refrain from really sharing personal thoughts. I'm guessing this is not something you will be attempting, now perhaps did you start a Dear Jane, yet it is very interesting to observe.

  2. J'adore ça, mais je crois que je n'aurai pas la patience... Mais j'adore!

  3. Hello Karen! I would never make a Dear Jane myself, I was so lucky to see the real piece, and it's just takes your breath away. I think any copies or interpretation wouldn't reach the ankle of the original. But I understand the process, like a meditating action. La Passacaglia is fascinating, and if I had more time on my hands, I might try it. I find the recent interpretations of the quilt very interesting and very creative. The original is a bit dark and quiet for me. Same meditative process...

  4. I am fascinated with this! I am almost tempted but afraid I wouldn't like the results or be able to choose colours that work for me. I think it would be a life time project- especially considering I haven't really done any EPP before! I haven't come across any of these yet apart from here. But I did go away and look up the other links and the book. I'm going to get my library to get it I think. Then I can consider...

  5. Wow, they're gorgeous versions of the pattern - thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Maryline,

    Did you happen to see the La Passacaglia Quilts in Houston? (Tula Pink's was amazing!)

    They were magnificent.

    - Karen

  7. TheDIYAddict has such an amazing guide on the La Pass! La Passacaglia Beginners Guide


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