mardi 13 mars 2012

Pompon bracelets

I found this lovely pompon "ribbon" in a department store and decided to use it to make pompon macramé bracelets.
J'ai trouvé ce "ruban" fait de pompons dans un grand magasin et ai décidé d'en faire des bracelets en macramé.

You'll need pompon ribbon, simple bangles (H&M) and cotton thread.
Vous aurez besoin de ruban pompons, de bracelets (H&M) et du fil de coton.

Start by tying the ribbon around the bangle.
Commencez par enrouler le ruban autour du bracelet.

I found this handy device in my husband's tool box. You can also put your bracelet between two books to hold it in place.
J'ai trouvé cet outil bien pratique dans la boîte à outils de mon mari. Vous pouvez aussi coincer votre bracelet entre deux livres.

Use this simple macramé knot with two same color threads, any other knot.
Utilisez ce noeud de base, avec deux brins de même couleur, ou tout autre noeud.

End by passing the threads with a needle inside the bracelet.
Terminez en passant les brins avec une aiguille à l'intérieur du bracelet.

More colorful bracelets here and here!
D'autres bracelets colorés ici et ici!

10 commentaires

  1. Muchas gracias.
    Me gusta mucho la idea.
    Un beso

  2. Wow! Trop bien!!
    Et photos ma-gni-fi-ques. Bravo!

  3. I just made the non-pompom version with my little friend Sophia and she picked up the technique very quickly. I will post pictures soon. But now i will have to schedule another play date to make these! I love the pompoms! And I know she will too.

    The vice is a brilliant idea BTW!

  4. These are so cute!! Beautiful, Maryline :)

  5. So cute! Love the pompoms! And the embroidery thread is a great way to upcycle some boring old bangles. Thanks for sharing!

    Kelly Spence

  6. These are adorable. I'll be sharing them on's Facebook page. Thanks!

  7. Lovely. I like the fact that you found and used that handy device in your husband's tool box :D

  8. I think it could be much easier with square knots :) But your bracelets are amazing anyway!

  9. Merci Mary! Je n'y connais rien en macramé, alors ce point me convient tout à fait! Bons bracelets!

  10. Hello, MaryLine, I just had to comment on your lovely colorful bracelets. I rarely comment on the blogs, just copy stuff and go ( : / ), but the color and creativity your diy projects are so exciting. I may actually make them up!! Thank you for posting your ideas and making them available.


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