mardi 29 mai 2012

Land art and lost art

Last week-end I ant with my husband to the Journées des Plantes inhabituelles at Vaumarcus. there we followed a path where passers-by could make land art with what they found on the ground.

Le week-end passé, je suis allée avec mon mari aux Journées des Plantes inhabituelles à Vaumarcus. Nous y avons suivi un sentier où les passants pouvaient faire du Land art, en utilisant ce qu'ils trouvaient par terre.

Unknown artists

This inspired my husband to carve a flower out of a branch, using a traditional way, now mostly lost in our area.

Cela a inspiré mon mari à sculpter une fleur dans une branche, utilisant une méthode traditionnelle, en principe perdue dans notre région.

Here is our little flower somewhere in the woods.
Voici notre petite fleur quelque part dans les bois.

In the field of wooden flowers, but more sophisticated, do you know the work of Yoshihiro SudaHe carves tiny plants or wooden flowers, very finely, hyperrealistic, and puts a maximum or one or two sculptures in a museum room, and sometimes you have to try hard to find them. I remember being on all four at the Maison du Japon in Paris, trying to see a miniature plant in the heating system!

Dans le registre des fleurs en bois, mais plus sophistiquées, connaissez-vous le travail de Yoshihiro Suda? Il sculpte des mini plantes ou des fleurs en bois, très fines, hyperréalistes et en pose une ou deux maximum dans une salle de musée, et quelques fois il faut bien les chercher. Je me rappelle  me mettre à quatre pattes à la Maison du Japon à Paris pour apercevoir une minuscule pousse verte sous la grille du chauffage!

Wooden flower carved by Yoshihiro Suda

More on Yoshihiro Suda

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  1. Wow, and Wow.. beautiful flower Yves! I really love that idea of having to look for the little flowers in the gallery.. it'd be like a reward when you do find one!

  2. Such a clever wooden flower. Good for your husband!

  3. I had a suspicion your husband was a very artistic soul when you shared the image of the driftwood tree he created so many years ago.

    I am in awe of his skill to create this little flower - so lifelike that until i carefully read the text I thought it was real!

    I sent a link to my sweetie and he is sitting there in front of his screen saying "my goodness"
    over and over and over!

  4. I love earth works!
    Your husband is very talented carving that flower! Wow!

    So nice to meet you through BYW 2.0!
    All the best,


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