vendredi 8 février 2013

Indigo Week, Day 5

When walking in the Dong village of Zhoaxing, South China, you hear everywhere, dull regular sounds, coming from near and far. These are the sounds of the wooden hammers hitting the indigo fabrics. 
Indeed, after being dyed, fabrics are covered with protein, (egg white, blood) and hit for hours to give them this particular shiny aspect.

Quand vous vous promenez dans le village Dong de Zhoaxing, en Chine du Sud, vous entendez des sons sourds, réguliers, proches et lointains, venant de partout. Ce sont les sons des marteaux de bois qui frappent les tissus indigos. En effet, après avoir été teints, les tissus sont couvert de protéine, (blanc d'oeuf, sang) et tapés pendant des heures pour obtenir cet aspect brillant particulier.

3 commentaires

  1. Fascinating report! thank you for sharing

  2. I don't think I have ever seen this fabric. I can't imagine doing all that work!

  3. Fascinating, I would love to watch all of this myself too, especially the embroidery.


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