dimanche 16 février 2014

Favorite post this week

Bijou Lovely, basting

Here is an older post, but an interesting one on basting. Holly uses safety pins, like many other quilters. She also uses a Kwip Klip, a tool developed just for that purpose! 
I have tried pins, but I always come back to good old basting! (See post here on basting).

Voici un article ancien, mais intéressant, sur le faufilage. Holly utilise des épingles de sureté, comme beaucoup d'autres quilters. Elle utilise aussi un Kwip Klip, un outil développé uniquement pour cet usage!
J'ai essayé les épingles, mais je reviens toujours au bon vieux faufilage! (Voir article ici sur le faufilage)


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  1. I have lots of pins and a Kwik Klip, too, but I've been basting my last few quilts. Thank you so much for the spoon tip; I've just put one in my quilting supply drawer!


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