mardi 25 mars 2014

Challenge / Défi

I've received these three fabrics as a starting point for a small quilt, 35/35 cm. 
Indeed, my quilt guild is having an exhibition in Neuchâtel on April 26th to May 4, and one of the challenge is to make a quilt with imposed fabrics. 
Three other members have received the exact same fabrics. But it's a secret. All four quilts will be hanged together. 
And there are 10 different groups, each time working with three different fabrics! It will be very interesting to see what everyone has come up with!

J'ai reçu ces trois tissus comme point de départ pour un petit quilt de 35/35cm.
En effet, mon club de patchwork aura une exposition de patchwork à Neuchâtel du 26 avril au 4 mai, et un des défis est de réaliser un quilt avec des tissus imposés.
Trois autres membres ont reçu les mêmes tissus. Mais c'est un secret! Les quatre quilts seront accrochés ensemble.
Et il y a 10 autres groupes différents, chacun travaillant avec 3 tissus différents. Ce sera très intéressant de voir ce que chacune aura réalisé!

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  1. There is a lovely contrast amongst these fabrics Mary. This sounds like an exciting challenge and a very interesting exhibition to follow.

  2. Interesting challenge ! Our guild is always looking for challenges so if you don't mind me asking did your guild provide the fabrics or did you each contribute?

  3. Hi Sheila! The Guild provided the fabrics.

  4. Gorgeous colors! I'm looking forward to seeing what you all create.


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