mardi 11 mars 2014

Silk scarf / Echarpe de soie

I there! I'm back from a fascinating trip to India. I'll post a bit about it in the following weeks!
And I lifted all securities on my blog, so everyone should be able to post comments if they feel like it!

Hello tout le monde! Je suis de retour d'un voyage fascinant en Inde. J'en parlerai un peu ici au cours des prochaines semaines!
Et j'ai levé toutes les sécurités sur mon blog, pour que tout ceux qui aimeraient laisser un commentaire puissent le faire!

So here is the beautiful scarf. I bought it as a gift to my sister, in Calcutta, at Weaver's Studio. The particularity of this scarf is that it is dyed using a japanese technique, shibori, and is intensely hand embroidered with the straight stitch, indian technique called kantha. 
It consists of two very fine layers of silk and the touch is wonderful!

Alors voici la merveilleuse écharpe. Je l'ai achetée à Calcutta, chez Weavers Studio, comme cadeau pour ma soeur. La particularité de cette écharpe est qu'elle est teinte avec une technique japonaise, le shibori, et intensément brodée à la main, avec un point indien avant appelé kantha.
Elle est composée de deux très fines couches de soie, et le toucher est merveilleux.

Reverse side of the scarf.
Dos de l'écharpe.

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  1. Mary it looks amazing! It wasn't until you showed the reverse side that I realised the hand-stitching covered the entire scarf, not just the dark sections. I'm guessing the Japanese dying was also by hand and the edges seem to have been hand stitched too. It looks soft to touch, being silk it must be so light and delicate. Many, many hours of work in this scarf - but then that's part of the story of many items from India.

  2. Welcome back!

    I'm totally in awe of this scarf (and a bit envious of your sister who gets it ). It looks so soft to touch and the colors are amazing. And I LOVE the Kantha stitching.

    Looking forward to reading/seeing more of your trip! And thanks for lifting the securities :-).

  3. Magnifique écharpe et beau cadeau et je me réjouis de voir des photos d'Inde

  4. Elles sont magnifiques, ça va faire une heureuse

  5. Welcome home! As always, i am looking forward to images of your adventures. What a gorgeous treasure you have brought home for your sister. I can't imagine the hours and hours of stitching that went into this piece.


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