mardi 8 juillet 2014

Indigo workshop

I've received news about an incredible workshop near Budapest. Hear it from Zsuzanna, the owner of Indigo Peacocks:

It is our first collaboration with the Museum of Blue Dyeing in Papa, Hungary. The Hungarian indigo culture is very unique in many aspects, as the heritage of indigo culture of Central Europe is completely different to the rest of the world.
The full inclusive three day workshop will cover the full process of printing (with the lovely wooden and brass printing blocks) , the dyeing, and demonstration of positive printing plus the making of the wooden printing blocks with brass sheets and nails.

The latest deadline for bookings is the 15th of July, and that is really should be the latest as the workshop is on from the 4rd of August until the 6th. Arrivals will happen on the 3rd and travelling back to home on the 7th. Everyone need to arrange their own flights to Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest, and I will meet everyone there and will drive them to Papa. 

We organised everything, from transport (from Budapest to Papa and back) the accommodation in the city of Papa (in a lovely hotel 200m away from the museum/workshop) and the viewing of the exhibition by John Gillow (Textiles of the Islamic World, published in April 2013)and Catherine Legrand (Indigo: The Color that Changed the World ,published in febr. 2013)  which is present at the Museum.
 It is such a lovely setting and the museum is full of beautiful indigo textiles.

Unfortunately, I can't make it to Budapest on these dates, but maybe you can?
I'm so sorry to miss the exhibition by John Gillow and Catherine Legrand, writers of some of my favorite textile books!!

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