vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Online exhibit

©Maryline Collioud-Robert, Red Rhythm

My quilt "Red Rhythm" has just been selected for the Red Hot online exhibit on the site of Visions Art Museum. The exhibits last for a few weeks and there is always a different theme. You can see the past exhibits on the website, under online exhibit.

Mon quilt "Red Rhythm" vient d'être sélectionné pour l'exposition online Red Hot sur le site de Visions Art Museum. Les expositions durent quelques semaines et il y a toujours un autre thème. Vous pouvez voir les expositions sur le site, sous online exhibit.

I had written posts on the making of that quilt, if you are interested.
J'avais écrit des articles sur le making de ce quilt, si cela vous intéresse.

7 commentaires

  1. Congratulations. I love this piece.

  2. J'aime beaucoup ce nouveau quilt .... Félicitations ....

  3. I love this! So intrigued by the process, which I think I can work out. I wonder how much surprise is involved for you, or if you plan exactly what will be revealed?

  4. There's always some surprise, but I plan as much as I can!

  5. Bravo! It is a wonderful piece. Congratulations!


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