jeudi 23 juin 2011

Adding lace to a t-shirt

Today I feel romantic! I'm adding some lace to a regular top!

Aujourd'hui je me sens romantique! J'ajoute de la dentelle à un top ordinaire!

I use my grandmother's sock mending wooden ball to strech the fabrics while sewing them.

J'utilise la boule à racommoder les chaussettes de ma grand-mère pour tendre les tissus pendant que je couds.

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  1. Very cute!
    What are you doing with the wooden ball?

  2. Lovely idea!
    found you via "my creative space"
    beautiful, inspiring blog!

  3. Hi Polka Dot! I'm going to change my post a bit! I thought it was obvious to all that I was using my grandmother's socks mending ball! I use it to pull the fabric so the trim and the shirt stay together.

  4. Hello Donauluft! Thanks for stopping by. I went to your store on Etsy! Wonderful! You are actually making these beautiful jewelry? I'm so impressed!

  5. Je ne pensais pas voir un jour les "raccommode chaussettes" de ma grand-mère sur Internet!!! J'adore!

  6. Le resultat est tres jolie! C´est toi, qui a fait la dentelle bleu?

    Je suis juste en train de decouvrir ta blog... inspirante et tres creative!

  7. Bonjour Nima! Non je n'ai pas fait la dentelle, je n'aurais pas la patience! C'est un joli bout de broderie anglaise violette foncée que j'ai acheté quand je suis allée rendre visite à ma fille à Maastricht.

  8. Very pretty! And what a clever idea to use the wooden ball!! Thank you for your lovely comment, take care, Sarah x

  9. First of all I love the look of your sleeves with the new lace peaking out at the edge.

    But I especially want to thank you for sharing the technique - using the darning ball while stitching. Brilliant! It definitely would make things so much easier and the results so much better.

  10. Thanks for commenting, everyone! I have a few darning wooden balls or eggs, and it could be the beginning of a new collection!!


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