mercredi 24 avril 2013

Risky work! / Travail risqué!

I'm now working on the last quilt I'll finish for my personal exhibit at Festival de Patchwork, Briançon, France. I'm sewing two layers from the back:

Je suis en train de travailler sur le dernier quilt que je terminerai pour mon exposition personnelle au Festival de Patchwork à Briançon, France. Je couds deux couches depuis l'arrière:

When the sewing is finished, I turn the quilt over and start to cut holes to show the under layer. I need to be really relaxed to do that! Risky!

Quand la couture est terminée, je retourne le quilt et je commence à découper des trous, pour révéler la couche inférieure. Je dois vraiment être détendue pour faire ça! Risqué!

This quilt started here and here! It will hang on the side of this quilt.
Ce quilt a commencé ici et ici! Il sera suspendu aux côtés de ce quilt.

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  1. Wow!!! Amazing!This quilt is absolutely breathtaking, I love it!

  2. Interesting technique! :-) Good luck!

  3. Hi Alyx and Esther! Thanks for stopping by! A new picture soon of the completed project!

  4. I'm always slightly freaked inside when I do this kind of trimming! :) Love watching your work emerge.

  5. So far so good. Sometimes being creative requires taking risks. I love the bright colours!

  6. une technique minutieuse pour un très beau résultat

  7. That is a neat technique! It will be interesting to see the finished results.

  8. What an interesting technique. It looks really great so far: good luck with the rest!

  9. I understand why you have to be brave - but it looks fantastic!

  10. Thanks! I love the final graphic impact of the quilt, but I have to find another solution, because it frays a bit more than expected!
    Thanks for the visit,

  11. Technique très ludique ... Mais qui requiert une attention "très attentive" .... En tous les cas, c'est une réussite totale ... Encore un grand bravo Maryline ....


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