jeudi 26 février 2015

Today I love...

Adam France

Adam France

...The very creative Adam France, from Sydney, Australia. Incredible website here.

Le très créatif Adam France, de Sydney, Australie. Incroyable site web ici.

I can't resist quoting his whole text about his project "Crafting for a cause":

Je ne peux résister à reproduire son texte d'introduction à son projet "Crafting for a cause":

Crafting for a Cause

As we tilt closer to a fiery apocalypse, there are a few steps we can take to make our carbon footprint a little lighter. The reality is we are using too much, eating too much, wearing too much, owning too much and going crazy in the process. I don't have the solutions to your problems but I am an expert at putting a bow on top of a pile of shit, so lets get started!
I've connected the 26 letters of the English alphabet with 26 causes that are making life annoying, destructive and bad for frogs. I've then responded to each cause with a craft. The 26 crafts are my way of raising awareness, inciting play, dabbling in discussion and lopping a few toes off my carbon footprint. My trash is now treasure, which is another way of saying 'yes this is rubbish, but it's my kinda crap'.
To view the entire project hurry up and visit;
Adam France

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