jeudi 16 février 2017

A beautiful quilt

Cheddar Quilt pieced in Kentucky

And what is a cheddar quilt? Learn about it by reading Cate Prado's post on cheddar quilts and why the color is coming back into fashion...
Go to Pinterest and type "cheddar quilts". You'll see beauties...

Et c'est quoi un quilt cheddar? En apprenez plus en lisant l'article de Cate Prado sur les quilts cheddar et pourquoi la couleur revient à la mode... (en anglais)
Allez sur Pinterest et tapez "cheddar quilts. Vous verrez des merveilles...

2 commentaires

  1. That Kentucky quilt is lovely! The whites/reds/blues used with the cheddar keep it from looking too much like Halloween & Thanksgiving, as can easily happen with using black or browns I like cheddars, but good ones seem to be hard to find. The ones I find seem to run brighter than what I want.


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