vendredi 21 octobre 2011

Friday at Maastricht / Vendredi à Maastricht

If you happen to go through Maastricht, (The Netherlands), one day, make sure it's on a Friday! 

Si vous passez une fois par Maastricht, (Hollande), faites en sorte que ce soit un vendredi!

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  1. I love the markets in the netherland, when I was young my parents always took us to the markets... its like childhood memories. Maybe I should go again;)
    beautiful pictures!

  2. I'm coming back to Maastricht for the Stoffbeurs on Nov 13. Are you coming?

  3. And PS, JenMuna, your compliment touches me a lot, you take such incredible pictures! I wish I could improve. Are you giving any online photo course? Think about it!

  4. OOOhhhhh, que envidia!!!!
    J'adore les gaufres, les fleurs et les tissus!!!!

  5. Oohh, gorgeous markets - everything looks so fresh, and I would like one of those waffles right now ;)


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