mercredi 18 septembre 2013

Carrefour européen du patchwork, St-Marie aux Mines, part 1

Nancy Crow, Mono-Print 33 Short

I spent a day, with  a group of friends, visiting St-Marie aux Mines. I was a bit disappointed by this year's exhibitions, but still managed to find great quilts anyway. 
Our first stop was in Rombach, to admire the impressive mono print quilts by Nancy Crow.

J'ai passé un jour, avec un groupe d'amies, à St-Marie aux Mines. J'ai été un peu déçue par les expositions cette année, mais j'ai quand même réussi à trouver de beaux quilts.
Notre premier arrêt a été Rombach, pour admirer les impressionants quilts mono prints de Nancy Crow.

Nancy Crow, Mono-Print 7 Long

Nancy Crow, Mono-Print 7 Long, detail

Nancy Crow, Mono-Print 97 Short

Ghislaine Berlier Garcia, Derrière les nuages, le ciel bleu, detail

Then we made a stop in Liepvre, where the new Artextures exhibition was hanging. A lot of interesting things, but some undefined objets as well!

Ensuite nous avons fait un stop à Liepvre où était accrochée la dernière expo Artextures. Beaucoup de choses intéressantes, mais également des objets non classifiables!

Isabel Schneider, Samarkand

Isabel Schneider, Samarkand, detail

Pascale Goldenberg, Message

Pascale Goldenberg, Message, détail

Alix Marboeuf, Avant Pompéi

Alix Marboeuf, Avant Pompéi, detail

May-Lucy Süess, Asubakatchin

May-Lucy Süess, Asubakatchin, detail

May-Lucy Süess, Asubakatchin, detail

There is a catalogue of the Artextures exhibition, published by France Patchwork.
Il existe un catalogue de l'exposition Artextures, publié par France Patchwork.

4 commentaires

  1. Lots of fresh creativity there, so many new and different ideas.

  2. I am so grateful that you take the time and make the effort to share some of your favorites from the quilt shows and exhibitions you attend.

    Funny thing, if I were to see just one of Mary-Lucy Suess balls alone and by itself, I might not have noticed - but together like this - OMG I am sooooo in love with how they appear. Apparently so were you!!

  3. May-Lucy teaches Textiles in junior High, and she gathers the scraps of threads and textile each day. And each week makes a ball with them. How fascinating!


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