mercredi 27 novembre 2013

A quilt for a man / 3

OK, the border is finished! 
Voilà, la bordure est finie!

After having sewn all stripes, I realize that some parts of the quilt are too bright or too light. I then use my magic trick, textile pens to change some fabrics!

Après avoir cousu toutes les bandes, je réalise que certaines parties du quilt sont trop vives ou trop pâles. J'utilise donc mon truc magique, des feutres textiles pour changer certains tissus!

Here, the yellow is too bright, so I'm going to add some brown and black lines to it.
Ici, le jaune est trop clair, alors je vais y ajouter des lignes brunes et noires.

Again, one of the black and white fabric I used stands out, so I tune it down by marking black lines over the patchwork.
De même, un des tissus noir et blanc que j'ai utilisé sort du lot, alors je le calme en marquant des lignes noires sur le patchwork.

I may do some more "coloring" when the quilt is finished!
Je vais peut-être encore faire un peu de "coloriage" quand le quilt sera fini!

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  1. Hi Mary, I'm visiting from Freshly Pieced WIP. You're an extraordinary quilter/artist! I will have to study you more. It appears that you especially like: raw-edge applique, reverse applique, quilting, and that you like to continue with a theme and explore it over time (such as, stamps). I see that you have an inspiration gallery, too. Thank you for sharing that as well.

  2. Your borders have set it off nicely Mary. Adding colour to change the tone or texture look is a brilliant idea. I presume they are solvent free and archival safe pens???? What brand of pen?

  3. I use special textile pens, from Arty's. After ironing, you can wash it without any problem.

  4. Thanks! I'm looking forward to see how it will look at the final stage!


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