mardi 3 mai 2011


Yesterday I brought home my grandmother's first and only electrical sewing machine. I remember watching her as I was a little kid, as she was pedaling on a very old foot powered one.
Isn't it cute? That brings the number of sewing machines I own to .... well, top secret!

Hier j'ai ramené à la maison la première et seule machine à coudre électrique de ma grand-mère. Je me souviens que quand j'étais très jeune, elle pédalait sur une très vieille machine à pédale.
Elle est chou, non? Cela monte le nombre de machines à coudre que je possède à ... euh, top secret!

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  1. What a beautiful sewing machine. I have never seen one anything like it.

    It is fitting that you have it now because this machine not only carries memories but it is simply a work of art - almost a sculpture.

    If it were mine, it would have a very special place in my home where I could admire it daily.

  2. T r o p b e l l e !!

    Elle etait aussi dans le garage de grand-maman?

  3. Thanks Pam for the hint! The problem is that I already have special places in my home with ancient sewing machines!!

  4. What a lovely Grasshopper! Is it still working? I have a 40 year old Elna that runs beautifully.

  5. Is it its name? I haven't tried it yet, but I know it worked very well.


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